Tuesday, October 09, 2007

One of the most amazing readings of poetry I've ever heard in my life is here. I sat there listening to this, my mouth agape, like some joyfully retarded pumpkin. I think if I had actually been present at this reading, I would have caused some kind of scene. They would have asked me to leave, or stand outside, and I'd have had to spy on the rest of it, Creeley-peering-through-The-Cedar-Tavern-window style. So it's better that I was solitary in me room for it.


Alli Warren said...

Mike, I've had the pleasure of hearing Bill read from this work a few times now and yeah, I know, it's ridiculous. So so much so. In the ear drum.

Mike H said...

And No Can Do is a definite g'head in my book!