Thursday, November 15, 2007

I know I will sit down and eat and walk around and try not to use the phrase 'cobalt sky'. Use commas less in my writing because that is how my heroes write. ON drugs.

Ok so they are not all on drugs, but I had this fancy the other day, if you can imagine me having a 'fancy', that I would like to pay some person to dress like Jim Morrison, sit in a spinning chair with shades on and recite my poems under a single spotlight. Sort of like in that Oliver Stone movie about the doors. I would have to pay them to do it.

My only direction would be to 'take it easy' and 'know which way the wind blows'.

By the way it really irks me 9 out of 10 times when people (still) try to incorporate Dylan lyrics into an editorial piece. I know that almost 45 years after the fact is a little late to be complaining about this, and the piece I have in mind isn't really gonna cause anyone to reconsider anything. But how anyone could think 'watch the parking meters' was meant to be or could be viable in any political context is beyond me.


Weldon Gardner Hunter said...

This is the greatest blog post of all time. Seriously.

kevin.thurston said...

i'll do this for free. perhaps dinner. but that's about it. and dinner could be just a blt and some fries.