Thursday, November 15, 2007

I was having a discussion today with Karl about about what a Collected Comments From Silliman's Blog might be called. And first off let me just say typing that kind of made me shiver. Let's at least make it a very very slim Selected. Like one of those little The Essential... volumes. But then that word leads to all kinds of other questions that trail off at the corners of my mouth like so much gravy from a Philly Cheez Hot Pocket. But I'll go ahead and say let's call it Fuckin Wit My Head: The Best of Silliman's Blog's Comment Threads 03-07. Now if we can just get the rights to Jim Behrle's cherry-red dong.

Of course this will all be moot once Salacious Banter, ed. by Hauser and Saffran, hits.

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Dustin said...

How about Children of a Lesser God ?