Monday, November 26, 2007

So yeah today I took Joe's advice and read poetry that I like, though I had to do it at the workplace. But this is actually a job where we are encouraged to read during the downtime. And well, Joe is right. I read Alice Notley, Clark Coolidge, Rod Smith and a little Ceravolo. And I also read Arlo Quint's book Photogenic Memory. It's pretty great. It falls apart and puts itself back together again. That's a compliment. I love it when poetry does that. I don't think any other artform achieves this combination of cognition and viscerality quite the way poetry can. It exists on the tongue, in the brain, in the body, and out there all at once.

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richard lopez said...

cool, mike. massey does the art good, or the art is done good by massey. my own pissiness and depression can hit me like a fucking sock in the mouth by none other than iron mike tyson back in his prime. my cure is to close the poetry books, not look at the net for poetry and open up my film books and read genre movie sites. something other than poetry. but not for long, since everything i read or watch i'm also thinking of language. and to know, also, that i'm not the only poet who suffers/worries so is also a comfort. best to make the practice a life, even if that life is the one that belongs to me, and continue on.