Friday, November 30, 2007

Joanna Newsom - New Untitled Track (Live - 10/07/07)

Ok this qualifies as a criteria. I know Joanna Newsom is one of those "devisive" artists. But this song just well, I turn into some kind of retarded, gaping pumpkin whenever I hear this song. As in if you were my GI system and you made an emergency call while this song was playing, I'd probably have to do a load. Let's just leave at that.


Joseph said...

While listening to this song I turned into an autistic, bow-legged eggplant.


JimK said...

let's just say
certain of my hairs
became harp strings

Mike H said...

Right now I am a spaghetti noodle.

JimK said...

Had to listen
"again! again!", as the
TeleTubbies say.
The first 5 seconds are
like Kate Bush, but after
that it gets more intimate
and lost in dreams.