Thursday, November 01, 2007

My new job captioning gives me time to read, so I've been reading Alli Warren's No Can Do, John Wieners' Cultural Affairs In Boston, Jack Spicer's Heads Of The Town (in the Collected Books), Vital Source, MKE, The Onion, The Shephard Express and Sports Illustrated. A number of those are free weekly mostly pretty crappy boring local newspapers. I pretty much knew that I would love No Can Do. I feel like I'm just starting to "get" Wieners somehow. I'd never really delved into Spicer's later work, and I'm liking it alot of course. In SI, I was actually reminded that there's something about sports that's very comforting.

And alot of Mr. Show with the commentary track on, which is almost as funny as the show itself.

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