Monday, April 23, 2007

I was thinking today about what, if anything really bugs me about the Blogs. And I guess if anything it's vanity. And by that I mean my vanity. Others' vanity I don't care about really. I've never seen the point in declaring war on 'phonies'. Because everyone is a phoney. Seriously, who hasn't been a phoney at some point?

I just don't want to be vain. And sometimes this Blog Thing, the instant gratification it gives one, encourages vanity. So I don't want to be vain. Sometimes I can be vain. Sometimes I act out of vanity. Sometimes I just think I'm so fucking glamorous!

Actually I've never felt glamorous. So forget about that. But one should consider where this fits into their work, the work of making poems. And I don't even mean that when you feel yourself being vain or 'snarky' that you should stop. One should consider it is all.


Everytime I watch Pavement videos I'm reminded of how much their music means to me. I know that sounds weird but just look at Steve Malkmus walking backwards through a crowd of people, bumping into them. That is all ye need to know.

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Jordan said...

Word. Blogs turn people into dogs -- "Blah blah blah blah blah Rex blah blah."