Saturday, April 07, 2007

So my Udub account is running out on April 10th, and that has some implications. First, my email will change. I'm just gonna put the new one right here: Secondly, you people are gonna feel me, but less. I will be considerably less connected. Which maybe's good, I don't know. Maybe now without the option of dicking around on the internet, I'll finally read Moby Dick or Ulysess. Maybe I'll even write more. But seeing as how I'll now have to go to the Public Library for Internet Use, it seems that I will definitely be blogging less.

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Weldon Gardner Hunter said...

Dude - the same thing happened to me. My U Vic account expired last spring, then I moved to Vancouver & got rid of all my possessions, so now I blog less & less. It sucks.

Oh yeah, and I love "Under The Rug" -- thanks for the help!