Monday, April 02, 2007

Something I've noticed on other blogs that I look at: not only do other poets eat better than I do, they take pictures of it.

I feel Joe. Yesterday Zack told to come with him to visit his female acquaitance named Sara(h), whom I'd never met. So I did, partly cause I thought I might see Amanda and I could say happy birthday. But what's the first (fucking) thing I had to (had to) do once I set foot in Sara(h)'s apartment? Take a violent shit. From the Chicken Fried Rice laced with Hot Sauce. Joe, we're bros in Hot Sauce Trauma, and other things.

This all brought back some shit horror stories from my life. One is overflowing my Aunt's toilet. And then getting yelled at for referring to it as 'the fucking toilet'. Another is doing the same thing at a friend's parents' condo (!) in Ft Myers. And I've shit my pants a few times...

I should start one of those memes... Hey you guys! Oh never mind!

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joseph bradshaw said...

I have some shitpants stories too. But I'd rather share them with you in secret. (One involves a garbage can in a public park, a diaper (not mine), & a man both blind & deaf (not me).)