Wednesday, April 18, 2007

I'm very excited to see that The Holy Mountain is coming out on DVD. I can only describe it as one of the most revolting, profound and visually amazing movies I've ever seen. I saw it last year with my friend Amanda, and I remember not actually wanting to go in. We had to go to the late showing of a one-night-only engagement, because so many showed for the first showing. They couldn't let any more people in. But while we were waiting I looked through a little window in the door to the theater, and I really did have one of those little-boy experiences. Like, "This just looks too fucked-up for me." It was the scene where each character visualizes their own mental death-- one character is covered in tarantulas, one character is literally eating a horse's ass, one character has their genitals ripped off, one character is sprayed with what looks like milk by an old man with leopard's heads for mammaries. Et cetera. And poetry is portrayed, along with the rest of the arts as a kind of false enlightenment. But then the film makes a big u-turn and turns out to be an indictment of the very idea of enlightenment. And there are exploding lizards.

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