Friday, April 13, 2007

So all of sudden after Rod sent me a note, I realized all this went down. Whoah. I had no idear so much damn work had piled up. I only have two hands people! What I like about the form is that it's weirdly erotic, displacing what are 'normal' tasks with tasks that make no sense.

I'm at the library. Someone just fell over. But the librarian helped them up.

In the meantime, I wrote some for Joe, thinking the form could just as well be directed at anyone, and I changed it slightly so each 'Hey...'/Lunatic Renga is in this format: 'Hey Joe I need you to ________, while I ________.'

Here are some:

Hey Joe I need you to love the gluten, while I sob into the spaetzl.

Hey Joe I need you to vaporub the mustard culture, while I watch from inside the DJ booth.

Hey Joe I need you to breakdance next to the bacon paste, while I jump in the denim fish.

Hey Joe I need you to clambake then fistfuck the chocoplot, while I pep talk the VHS policy.

Hey Joe I need you to encourage the english muffins, while I lift my spirits with this stapler.

Hey Joe I need you to channel John Lennon into this frosting sock, while I glance over Zelda Fitzgerald's shoulder at the biggest shit ever.

Hey Joe I need you to douse the porn in I Wanna Take You Higher Hot Sauce, while I come to grips with my own suspension of disbelief.


Jordan said...

Spaetzle is just the best.

The spellcheck suggests that I mean spackle. Spackle is also just the best.

Mike H said...

Both good with pork rinds and plum wine.

Robert J said...

My very own Hauser rengas.